Every spring, the Texas A&M Physics and Astronomy Department hosts the Physics and Engineering Festival. The festival includes hands-on experiments and demonstrations, as well as physics shows and public lectures by prominent scientists and even astronauts. I have participated in this festival every year since 2014, doing demonstrations. Starting in 2016, I have been designing experiments with DEEP (Discover, Explore, Enjoy Physics), which is an organization that leads undergraduate students in designing physics and astronomy presentations and experiments.

My demonstrations each year:

2014: Chicks in Space - We demonstrate the effect of a vacuum on a marshmallow PEEP.

2015: Sky Tours - Using an indoor planetarium, we lead an audience on a tour of the sky visible that night.

2016: Fresnel Lens of Doom - We harness the power of the sun through a giant lens to heat (and burn) marshmallows, eggs, paper, and wood.

Videos featuring my demonstrations at the Physics Festival are seen at the bottom of the page!

I have also participated in the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club, a local amateur astronomy group, as a guest lecturer on spectroscopy.

It's Easter time, which of course means it's time to find out what happens to a Peep when you suck all the air out of a room. The results are... interesting. More info: http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2014/04/16/peep_pull_what_happens_you_expose_a_peep_to_a_vacuum.html Recorded at the Texas A&M University's Physics and Engineering Festival in March 2014.
People of all ages got up-close and personal with science and technology at the 2016 Physics & Engineering Festival, held April 8-9. The event drew a crowd from across the state, nation and world, including nearly 50 Davidson Young Scholar families from seven states. http://physicsfestival.tamu.edu/