In my precious little free time, I enjoy yoga, running, Dungeons and Dragons, horror, science fiction, heavy metal music, and playing with kitties.

While I have you here, I am going to shamelessly plug some things I love.

If you love history and like to listen to history podcasts, check out Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I was hooked after his series on World War I, Blueprint for Armageddon. And for learning about current events (well, learning is a strong word...), I have been hooked on Chapo Trap House!

If you like horror, check out Pseudopod and The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. In addition, be sure to support modern horror writers. My favorite recent collection: She Walks in Shadows, a selection of Lovecraftian fiction by contemporary female writers.

I have started writing my own horror fiction. My first published work was in a local zine, in June 2018, 979Represent. My piece is located here, under the name "A Cosmic Insight".

If you have met me and like my astronomy-themed tattoos (how many astronomers can say they have the Bullet Cluster tattooed on them?), I got my ink done at Arsenal Tattoo and Design by Cliff Collard.

If you like kitties, adopt from a shelter or foster! I got my sweet little black kitty, Eris, from a local TNR (trap, neuter/spay, release) group, BCS Spay.

If you like heavy metal, check out Loud!Fest, an annual three day spring/summer festival in Bryan, Texas featuring metal, punk, and hard rock from Bryan/College Station, Austin, Houston, Victoria, and beyond! I also enjoy listening to and reading the Toilet ov Hell podcast and blog.